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Island of Pain and Pleasures
by Th.Watson Jr.

Vanessa Sinclair left her multibillion dollar media empire, after some 25 years of growing  and expanding it into one of,  if not the largest media conglomerate in the world rival to only Comcast! Her holdings were global even in markets that were closed to women! Which was no easy feat a lot of palms were greased to manage that feat. One forgets ones prejudice when money or blackmail is involved. Vanessa had no problem using both,  to get what she wanted! She was ruthless in the business world and did not mind being called the black bitch of business,  in fact on her desk sat a plac that read " BEWARE OF THE BLACK BITCH SHE DOES BITE AND DEVOURS HER PREY" ! The 45 year old Billionaire had decided to hang up her title and spend her life on her secluded island out in the mediterranean sea. With her lover the black muscular 19 times female bodybuilding champion! Training up N' coming female bodybuilders! But the island was not an easy place to get to once you stepped off the Plane at Athens Airport! There was the tedious boarding of her private helicopter!  and flying it to a fishing village 25 miles from her private island! Once there. She boarded her  10 million dollar yacht! Completely stocked for trips up to 2 months. And  used to ferry supplies to the island! The Island is almost 1200 miles long with an array of various animals running loose. The only sign of human habitation is the large Southern  Plantationstyle mansion Vanessa had imported from New Orleans. Reconstructing it to resemble an old slave plantation. the only pavement was from the dock to the house the rest of the island was nothing but vegetation for as far as the eyes could see. To ensure seclusion the mansion was concealed by trees surrounding the mansion. Even though the air space was restricted the trees offered more privacy just in case a plane should happen to stray over the island. Which sometimes it did.

Vanessa left the office she had occupied for 25 years with her  female muscular Asian driver carrying a boxes of her momentos. She stopped to hug every one and handed the keys to her large corner office to her hand picked successor. Julia Chen! She picked the half Asian and half black woman to succeed her 5 years ago after she'd made the decision to retire! Julia was never ever from the womans side even taking trips to the island during vacations. She was the only outsider allow onto the island. The two women embraced and Vanessa whispered it's yours now......You're the Bitch now....Julia Chen smiled and gave her mentor a warm intimate kiss in front of the entire staff. Vanessa returned the favor and her driver Takeisha Yakamoura. whispered. Ms, Sinclair you will miss your flight and you know there will not be another one to the island for another two days because of the incoming bad weather. Vanessa ignored the woman and made a short speech. I want to thank all of you for your loyalty and dedication to me and the company. Without you none of this would have been possible! Let no one tell you they could have pulled this off alone. They would be a goddamn liar. I know sometimes I could be a bitch but I also know you all had my back! I hope you will give Juila the same dedication and loyalty you've given me. But it is time to pass this company to a new generation to new ideas. And to make this an even bigger corporation rivaling any man lead corporation. I love you all and I will miss you. But it is time to begin another chapter in my life and to leave this one behind. However  the memories of what we as a team. accomplished will never be  forgotten. Thank You and I hope someday to run into you on the street one day. Take care and god bless all of you...."
There was not a dry eye in the office as Vanessa hugged and shook hands with every one all the way down to the maintenance staff! There were many late nights she opened a bottle or had lunch catered during business negotiations as she included the caretakers of her company the janitors security etc. There was not one department better than the other she always reminded her staff. And she made sure during office parties every one was invited with families. But she had no problem firing those who did not pull their weight.  After all she paid everyone handsomely! 
Takeisha put Vanessas things in the trunk of the long stretch royal blue limo and held the back passenger door open for her employer. When she climbed in she saw her lover Odessa Harris waiting for her. " Wanted to be with you when you said goodbye to your other life and enter your new life!" Odessa said. They kissed and hugged each other. Odessa saw the tears in her lovers eyes,  rolling down her cheeks. " It was hard wasn't it ?? She asked comforting her. " I have made business decisions that were hard Odessa but this one was the I doing the right thing she asked.  Time will tell dear time will tell! Takeisha drove the limo away from the steel glass tower and into the mid day traffic. Vanessa rested her head on her lovers  thick bare carnel muscular shoulders, Odessa caressed her face wiping the tears from vanessa's face. " Soon this will be nothing more than a distant memory Vanessa! I will see to it she said. " Yes I am sure you will see to it that I have even more memories Vanessa responded. The women settled back for the fifteen minute ride to the airport. It would be the last time Vanessa would ever set foot in America! She had everything she wanted on her private island. And a life she had chosen  for herself over the years away from the prying eyes of the Papparazzi's! She was always afraid the press would find out about her private life. Though the world knew that she was a lesbian what they did not know was 4 times a year she'd give up control of her life to her lover Odessa better known in the bodybuilding world as LADY MANDINKA the dominatrix! Vanessa knew long ago that she loved pain it consumed her every waking moment! And there were times she'd awaken from a dream of being the slave of muscular woman being whipped ravaged by a huge black muscular woman. And 15 years ago she met Odessa while attending a bodybuilding competition on a lark with a friend one of her business trips out of the country. She saw her future lover on stage in a lesbian bar. Stripped down to only her stilleto heels and her enormous physique was covered with oild and she carmel skin sheened like glass. Odessa was introduced as THE LADY MANDINKA the african goddess!! She sensuously strolled on to the stage in the nightclub wielding her short single tail whip  as it made loud cracking noises in the air. Vanessa whole body shuddered and she orgasmed upon seeing Lady Mandinka and hearing the sound of the whip. She felt moisture in her panties. Their eyes met and Vanessa was hooked. She wanted Mandinka to take her right there and did not care who knew it!
After the show Vanessa nervously walked in the back of club and asked to see Odessa but the manager refused. Vanessa was not used to hearing no and offered the male manager a hundred dollars. Just then Odessa opened the door to her dressing room she was wearing a white heavily thick cotton terry cloth robe...." Put your money away, she told vanessa....Get lost Jane!"Odessa leaned against the opened door and invited Vanessa in with a wave of her hand..... Not before snatching the hundred dollar bill and tucking it in her between her cleavage. As the manager turned to leave " Here get us a bottle of Champagne and two glasses and keep the change she told the manager. Be quick about it!!! James the Butch returned carrying a silver Tray with two champagne glasses and a bottle of imported Champagne. Knocking on the door she waited for a brief moment. The door opened and Odessa was standing in the door way completely naked holding a bath towel. James started to enter but was immediately stopped. Odessa took the tray and snarled at the manly woman...." I can take it from here...' and closed the door in the womans face! Vanessa was sitting on a black leather couch as Odessa leaned over and placed the tray down on the small table in front of the billionairess! "Open it while I get dress she said with a hint of lust in her voice. Vanessa was not one to bite her tongue. When she saw something she wanted she went after it and did not take no for an answer and if she had to pay for it. So be it! Everything she always believed had a price. One just had to find that price. " Why get dressed??  I like looking at your rock hard physique!!  Odessa smiled  does it turn you on?? she asked. Vanessa nodded slowly opening the champagne. Unfortunately the champagne flashed out onto her expensive suit! And into her hair and face! But she did not mind.....As Odessa tried to dry her off.....Vanessa snatched the towel from Odessa and tossed it on to the couch as she unbuttoned her suit jacket, removing it. and her silk white shirt she was wearing her Bra that supported two firm large 48DD breast. She held one in her hand and began to lick the champagne from it and offered the other to Odessa!
The bodybuilder happily obliged and like a starving sheanimal,  Odessa devoured Vanessa breast licking it. Sucking on it and biting her huge areolas and thick long nipples! Odessa grabbed the womans buttocks digging her long nails through the skirt vanessa wore. Pulling the woman to her. Vanessa hands caressed the massively thick arms of the black she panther. she sucked on her shoulders and biceps! They were going at each other like wild animals locked in passionate embrace.....Odessa lifted the thick black woman and carried her to the door and held her against  it while at the same time she locked the door! The muscular woman carried her prey back to the couch and threw her onto it and stood over it.....Strip she commanded and Vanessa removed the rest of her clothing and laid naked on the couch with her arms over her head.......Odessa held her whip in her hand looking down on vanessa. " I saw you orgasm when I snap this thing she said. I have been looking for some one who's into a little pain.... Vanessa looked up and said .....A little?? I want you to tear into me she laughed and don't hold back.  Vanessa flipped over onto her stomach and waited. But Odessa flipped her back onto her back.......I want at those melons of yours she said! with a sinister tone in her voice! Vanessa's lust took over her pussy was sopping wet with each blow that was reigning down her! Tiny beads of sweat was begining to appear on both women! Odessa tossed aside the whip and roughly spread apart the muscular thighs of her captive burying her head into Vanessas clean shaven pussy. the prespiration from vanessas love box soaked Odessas face. While she lapped up the juices oozing out of her! Odessa reached over on the table opening the little secret compartment and pulled out a huge strap on dildo licking it and getting it very moist and wet she put on the deadly weapon and began pummeling Vanessas hot box with such force Vanessa let out a low gutteral moan. Odessa looked down at her preys facial expression and watching as her eyes rolled back. Vanessas sharp nails diggin into the muscuar forearms of her lover!! The room was repleat with the pungent oder of Vanessa and Odessa sweat love stench! Their bodies heated up the room! Odessa flipped Vanessa onto her stomach..with her tongue she probed the inside of her ass so deep that Vanessa could almost feel the womans tongue in her pussy!! She liked the feel of her nipples rubbing against the leather of the couch. When Odessa was done Vanessa attempted to reciprocate but odessa refused, saying. No not here! I have a place we can go to. And not worry about anyong disturbing us. Besides I think I have something special in mind for you if you are shall we say adventuress! Vanessa felt like a sneaking out at night and getting in to all sorts of trouble she had gotten into. Odessa and Vanessa grabbed a cab outside the club and had the driver drive to a seedy part of the city! A lone three story red brick home stood surrounded by a block long empty lot. With a high wooden fence to keep prying eyes out. they watched the cab speed away from them leaving them alone. Odessa took Vanessas hand leading her up the five concrete stairs. she leaned in to whisper.... " From now on you say nothing and do nothing no matter what you see or hear. Is that understood??" What  you are about to witness is not to be shared with anyone she warned. You know like the commercial on television: What goes on in here stays in here. With that Odessa rang the door bell and stepped back. What is the pass word the woman answering the door demanded exostosis was the reply. Vanessa could hear the loud tumbles of the locks as they were being maneuvered to let them in the door opened and loud music could be heard as they were hurried in. We must not allow the noise out of the house the woman said. We have good relations with our neighbors. The tall black muscular amazon was greeted warmly by the middle aged asian woman. It is so good to see you Lady Mandinka. It has been too long since your last treatment ......And whom may I ask have you brought tonight.....She is a very good and old friend in from out of town Madame Takeisha. The woman eyed Vanessa suspiciously and politeliy smiled. " The others have been waiting for you arrival my dear they are anxious to once again be entertained by you. Will your friend be joining us she asked. Yes Madame Takeisha I am sorry I did not alert you earlier but she arrived in town unexpectedly....." Yes those things can happen. But can she be trusted and does she know the house rules? Yes, I explained them to her Odessa said meekily....Good allow me to assist her intp  the entertainment room with the others. While you prepare yourself, for the evening festivities! Vanessa was led into a dimly lit red room where other ladies sat in a large circle, being catered tp by other asian women! Tea and sweets were served and music played filtering throughout the room. Vanessa looked around the room and noticed that all the women work mask. Even the naked asian women wore mask. as they went about their duties. Madame Takeisha handed Vanessa a mask: I am sorry you were an unexpected guest or I would have presented you with one at the door. Please accept my most humble apology! As Madam Takeisha tied the string behind vanessas head  a large muscular tanned woman swung a large rubber mallet and struck a gong in the Room. " Ladies it is time to enter the play room for tonights entertainment. Please follow me!
The asian woman led the group of ladies into another part of the house downstairs  in the basement! Where they sat in  straight back  leather upholstered chairs. " Ladies as is the custom once a month of our gathering one of us is offered up as tonights entertainment. Tonight we have a new person among us. She is the guest of tonights entertainment Lady Mandinqa. As is the custom for any new guest we must wear our mask to hide our identity, from them! Without further ado,  may I present for your entertainment a night of decadence the  Lady Mandinqa!  . Two Muscular asian women led Odessa by a long  chain fastened to her huge nipples. Odessas Body was  covered from head to toe in oil, tiny streaks of  beads gliding down her naked muscular physique! She was led Inside the circle formed by the  seated guest. Two large spaced greek alabastered columns rose to the high ceiling in the red and white room! The blac and gold cape coveing Lady Mandinqa was removed by the hostess! and slung over her arm. She stepped from the circle and sat next to Vanessa smiling politely at the nervous billionairess. She whispered: " you must be special to Odessa, she has never brought anyone here in the 20 years she has been a member! The Asian ladies took and bound Odessa spread eagle between the columns. One of the women offered Odessa a blind fold.....she refused and transfixed her gaze onto Vanessa. " We are very severe here......It is very unusual for Odessa to refuse the blindfold...." The hostess said. You are indeed special to her! I must warn you though. No matter what you see,  you cannot interfere no matter what!  No matter how much she  screams!!" The ladies finished binding Mandinqa. Facing the hostess they stood in silence waitng for the hostess to signal for them to begin. These rooms are sound proof. the hostess told Vanessa. As the old woman clapped her hands for the ladies to begin.
 To be continued>>>


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I have been doing art on and off for a more years than I care to admit. I have recently discovered portraits but still am into fetish art anything to do with muscular dominatrixes and their lady submissives and slaves. I love lesbian Bdsm art!

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